Just mention the word head lice and you’ll see even the toughest individual run for cover. Fortunately for families, The Cootie Catcher is only a phone call away!

We provide excellent and confidential  In-Home Service including head checks, updated head lice information, and for those in need of it - complete head lice and nit removal services. 
That's right...we come to you! 

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​​The Cootie Catcher takes pride not only on the unmatched level of expertise and service, but also in the commitment to providing a pesticide and chemical free way of eradicating lice from your family and home. It is this level of dedication that clients can rely on when choosing The Cootie Catcher. 

Our company has spent much time and consideration in the development of our lice products. We use only the best quality and all natural ingredients in both our Essential Lice Treatment and our Essential Lice Preventative.  Our OMG! Lice comb has been proven to be the best lice comb on the market for eradicating lice and nits with patented micro-grooves on each of the comb's teeth.

With 16 years of experience, we've helped thousands of people win the battle against lice.

The Cootie Catcher has become the leading specialist in head lice & nit removal because our treatments are effective, safe and guaranteed to work!

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